Katherine says…

I have been playing with young children and supporting parents in countless ways, through countless highs and lows, since I was 11 years old. When I popped into this world, I came out asking, “how can I help?” – and I want to extend that question to you. The people I like to help most are parents. Why? Because parents are some of the most influential people in the world – they are raising other human beings! Wow, what a privilege!

I started getting really interested in psychology and how brains work when I was an adolescent. That interest has lead me to read and read and read and learn and study the latest and greatest information about neurobiology, brain development, mindfulness and how this all changes how we think about and interact with children. It’s so exciting!

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with a focus on mental health and parenting. I offer counseling services, parent coaching and, most importantly, a new perspective on raising children.